Going away on Vacation and don't have anyone to look after your horses?  Bring them to Paradise for 'their vacation' while you are away! Paddock board starting at $15 per day plus food.  Box stalls may also be available.

Horse Boarding - Close to Parksville, BC

      A Paradise for Horses and their People on 125 Gorgeous Mountain View Acres    

All Boarders have Unlimited use of TWO RIDING RINGS - larger is a 'Well lit' 30-metre by 70-metre (100 ft x 230 ft) Mountain View Sand Riding Ring complete with Jumps, barrels and poles.  Second ring is high and dry year round and fully equipped as well.  Also offering Solid Wood Round Pen, Barn Wash Stall with Hot and Cold water, Heated Tack Rooms, Cross Ties, Hitching Posts, Boarders Washroom. Trainers are welcome to use Ring at No-charge for Boarders horses.   Trailer Parking also available.  Join the other Riders out on Trail rides daily. Riding lessons available in all disciplines from Great 'Positive' instructors.

We offer Box Stall, Paddock or Pasture Board and Self-Board depending on your requirements.  

BOX STALL: The new modern barn has 12 x 12 Box Stalls with adjoining Paddock which include an additional covered area.  There are automatic waterers inside and out to ensure a good fresh supply of water is always available.   Fed hay three times per day and grain twice a day. Access to Large Turnout area (approx 2 acres) available for use by two of the Boxstalls and some Paddock boarders.

PADDOCK:  There are number of Large paddocks (50 x 100 feet) with shelters for those who would like an individual area for their horse.  There is also 'Pasture horse'  herd who graze and run on approximately 60 acres keeping themselves well-muscled even when not being ridden.  They come in for hay and grain feedings as well as a visual check-up twice a day in the winter and grain once a day in the summer.

PASTURE:  Pasture horses graze and travel on approximately 50 to 60 acres of grassland dotted with natural springs to quench their thirst.  Of course we also provide a large shelter and water in the yard; plus the towering  trees provide a natural canopy in a sheltered area.  Friendships develop and playful frolicking is seen throughout the day. Horses are able to burn off their extra energy naturally as well as keep their fitness level up thereby increasing their productivity and 'good sense' under saddle.

Self-boarding is also a popular option; with large fields, water and shelter provided - you provide the rest.

Self board Paddocks - A new addition to the Ranch!!  Individual paddock and shelter.  You provide your own feed and do your chores... enjoy more time with your horse! We provide the paddock, shelter and water.  You do the rest.  Bring  some friends and make your own co-op feeding arrangements with your group!

All Boarders have Unlimited use of 100 ft x 230 ft Mountain View Sand Riding Ring complete with jumps, plus Solid Wood Round Pen, Barn wash stall, Heated Tack Room, CrossTies, Hitching Posts and  Boarders washroom. Trainers are welcome to use Ring at no-charge for Boarders horses. Riding Instructors on-site for novice trail riders as well as Jumping Coach on-site.

We have a variety of people boarding and riding out of the ranch as well as using the ring for Jumping, Dressage, Schooling and just plain enjoyment. For those of you who would like to be at a friendly barn and join in lots of trail rides, this is the barn for you.  Numerous trails are accessible right from the barn.  Riders are out every day in the summer; sometimes with goups of up to a dozen  happy people.  We ride at the level of the capability of the people who are riding with us.  Riders naturally progress to more difficult rides. River crossings and mountain climbing become second-nature for those who wish to indulge the adventurer in themselves.  Others will enjoy travelling through lovely wooded trails where the scenery is constantly changing and the friendships fluorish.

There is something for everyone's pleasure!

Come check us out.  You'll be glad you did!